SPECIAL REPORT: Glamorous camping

(WAOW) -- Camping is a past time that brings families and friends together to enjoy the outdoors. It's recently becoming more than just a tent and a fire.

People like Dan Rice of Lake Elmo, Minn. go to places like King's Campers in Rib Mountain to look for campers.

"We like to see different parts of the world and different parts of the country," said Rice.

Some modern day campers will be taken on weekend trips, from Marathon Park in Wausau, to concerts like Countryfest in Cadott.

What some of these people don't know is they're part of a new trend.

"Kind of just a glamorous style of camping," said John Gajewski, the sales manager at King's Campers.

Known as “glamping.”

"It has been coming into conversation and on a lot of the forms that are out there yes," said Gajewski.

Gajewski of king's campers admits it's getting bigger every year.

"It has become a little over the top," said Gajewski.

He sees hundreds of campers that are becoming a home away from home. We wanted to give you an inside look at all that luxury.

First, Gajewski starts small.

"This is our entry-level fold down,” he said. “Basically a tent on wheels but giving you a heater and a refrigerator. Your mattresses and things like that are a little easier, and set up time takes about fifteen minutes."

This starter camper has a price tag of $8,900. Now we upgrade that.

"Has a lot of home amenities,” said Gajewski. “This particular floor plan has a bath and a half. So as you go through you'll be able to see the big master bathroom."

The camper is yours for $51,000.

But if you want the most luxurious and glamorous camper King's Campers has to offer, they have the Allegro Bus.

"You're going to have a washer and dryer,” said Gajewski. “You're going to have a dishwasher, big electric refrigerator similar to your house. We have the fireplace for the ambiance of the evening, big bath and a half in this with a double sink in the back bathroom."

Also including three TV's, granite counter tops, and a full walk in closet.

So how much is this home on wheels worth? $434,000.

Managers say they only sell about ten of them a year.

So it's decision time for Dan Rice, and he has a lot of options.

"It's a little bit of a pinch me type reaction, I never really envisioned being able to do this or something this glamorous,” said Rice. “So it's going to be fun, and I don't think we're going to be roughing it that much at all."

He went for the big one, the Allegro bus. He isn't big into camping, but wants to travel the country with his family.

"It's certainty not a necessity,” said Rice. “But it just opens up a little more flexibility with where we can go and how often we need to find our way back to civilization. You don't feel like you're roughing it quite as much."

Managers say that's the goal of these campers.

"It's a cottage you can take around to different places," said Gajewski.

Whether you want a small ride to travel in, or a bus that may be bigger than your actual home.

Managers at King's Campers tell us the typical price range for people to spend on a camper is $20,000-$40,000.

Source: WAOW, Video